FAQ for DUX Laser Tag Singapore

FAQ for DUX Laser Tag Singapore

We have compiled a list of frequently asked question from our clients, take a look at the FAQ and see if any of your questions are answered below:

1) How big of space does laser tag need?

Ans: The bigger space the better it is, also the number of participants have a part to play in deciding the playing space. Minimally for 10 players’ game, ¾ of a basketball court size will be ideal.

2) How does laser tag work?

Ans: Laser Tag is activated by sensors, lights, and infra-red. Once the receiver sensors detected the transmitting sensors, the equipment will react to it. It will then give off sounds and lights. Our LCD screen will show health, bullets, magazines and countdown timer.

3) Is it safe for humans or plants?

Ans: Yes, it is perfectly safe for humans or plants. Our laser tag equipment is certified under class 1 laser which is safe for human eyes.

4) How long is a laser tag game?

Ans: Each game will be 8 minutes, however, the duration of each game can be customized.

5) Is your laser tag indoor or outdoor?

Ans: Our equipment is able to support both indoor and outdoor games. We do not have many constraints on the space we can use as long as it is permitted.

6) Do you have a laser tag space?

Ans: We are a mobile laser tag company, meaning to say we bring the game to you. We do not have a physical space.

7) What is the duration of a laser tag session?

Ans: Each session will be 2 hours.

8) How many games can I play?

Ans: You can play as many games as you want within the time frame.

9) What other activities do you have other than laser tag?

Ans: We have Archery Tag, Inflatable Snooker aka Pool Ball, Bubble Soccer, HADO, and Escape Room.

9) Can you plan the event for us?

Ans: Definitely! We are more than happy to plan your whole event, just give us your budget, if food is required, date, time, number of pax and we will propose something for you.

10) What is the shooting range?

Ans: Our shooting range is within 120m.

11) How much does a session of laser tag cost?

Ans: Our rate for the public is $36/pax for 2 hours with a minimum of 10 players.

12) Have you done for Corporate?

Ans: Yes, we did a team building event for MNCs to SMEs as well as the government sector.

13) Do you do a birthday party and decoration?

Ans: Yes, we do laser tag birthday parties for kids and adults. We can decorate the place with helium balloons and theme balloons at a cost.

14) What is included in your laser tag?

Ans: Laser taggers, obstacles, and facilitators will be provided.

15) What missions do you have?

Ans: We have a various mission that is available at our page (insert hyperlink here).

16) What is the minimum number of players can we have?

Ans: We will require a minimum of 10 players.

17) Will you be able to set up in our school?

Ans: Yes, we are able to set up in your school premises, just give us a venue and we will set up for you.

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