Our Laser Tag Equipment – Wireless Head Sensor

Our Laser Tag Equipment – Wireless Head Sensor 

Our laser tag equipment comes with head sensors that use special soft plastic which is comfortable to wear. The material is easy to disinfect and after every event, we use Dettol to clean and wipe all the equipment making sure it is clean for our participants before the next event start! There is no Velcro on our equipment where domes can pop off nor gear that needs to be put through a washing machine. There are 4 sensors that help to ensure 360 degrees of coverage, this means you can shoot from all angles! When it comes to putting the head sensors on, things just got easier because of soft and stretchable material that makes finding the perfect fit a breeze. Changing out players is now quicker and cleaner than ever before! No more sweaty and smelly gears compare to other laser tag equipment.

LED’s And Visibility

Some of our clients have experienced the ease of finding their team equipment due to team colors that are easily recognized compared to other laser tag equipment commonly found in the industry; this has been a great feature for better team recognition. To make things even better, we have a second LED to every sensor that is ULTRA bright! This makes our head sensors more visible outdoors in full sunlight than any other one on the market. This is a huge improvement for outdoor gears and that’s the reason why many of our clients prefer an outdoor game!

Best Laser Tag Equipment On The Market

We have a larger speaker, better battery life, this means that you can have a longer duration of gameplay! Wireless Bluetooth head-sensor technology (getting rid of those annoying wired headsets). The old equipment have wires dangling from equipment to vest/gun, a lot of our clients actually complain about the annoying wires!

One of the first distinctive features we have was the sound quality. Our laser tag equipment comes equipped with better audio processing abilities that allow us to go from 60 to 800+ sound effects! Moreover, most units in the industry could only play a single sound effect at a time. With improved audio processing, we are now able to do audio mixing and have the ability to play multiple sound effects, simultaneously. A simple example is while firing your weapon and receiving a hit. Both sounds can play without canceling each other out. This makes for the most immersive audio experience yet. The sound quality is awesome and realistic!

DUX Laser Tag Singapore has without a doubt become a top choice for people choosing their laser tag game.

Class 1 Laser Certification Means Better Range

Our units have moved away from the commonly used infrared-LED emitters. LED emitters decrease in performance over time and lack the ability to reach longer ranges in full sunlight. The important question is how do they perform in broad day sunlight, at the worst time of the day with no clouds in the sky? This is the way to determine the true range of a product, and this is how we performed our tests.  The laser’s range encompasses any reasonable shot distance that might be needed when playing outdoor laser tag. Even so, keep in mind that at dusk the laser’s range doubles, and at night…well it gets pretty ridiculous!  With this kind of shot-range and clear visibility from the ultra-bright LED headsets, our laser tag equipment becomes the perfect solution for any environment. Our shooting range can hit more than 100m away in daytime and double in the night time. That being said, we still need to take into the consideration of light interference, under broad daylight where sunlight is shining directly at the sensors, there will be a buffer of 10% distance error.



Previously we had a client asking us if we can do an activity for them at a low cost as other companies quoted them lower pricing compare to us and our question to them is, what kind of laser tag equipment are they providing for you? In the market there are a few different types of equipment and price will vary. As expected, the cheaper quotation came in lower-end equipment where a lot of my clients complain about. We do not compromise on our services provided to our client and that is the reason why our pricing is price at a mid-range tier. The clients who experienced our services most of the time will have us back for the next year. We have clients who have been with us for more than 3 years and still getting us to plan for them teambuilding events, birthday parties, and even friends gathering. They know what we can do and all their guests enjoyed the session!

We take pride in what we do

We always serve our clients to our best ability and advise our clients what they need to do. Quite a number of our clients are their first time doing laser tag and do not know what to expect and we will be there to guide them and told them what are the things to watch out for and assure them that they do not need to worry as we have been planning event for the past 4 years and counting! Be it a teambuilding event or birthday party we have done it over and over again. The difference in each event will be the audiences and the end goal that some corporate companies have. In fact, do not trust what I said fully, take a look at what others said about us. Read the review we had over the years and decide for yourself if we are worthy. We are here to serve and bring the finest experiences to our clients to the best of our ability.

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