Birthday Party for your children, friends or love ones!

Birthday Party is a common and lovely day your children are looking forward to! If you do not know, studies have shown that the majority of children are looking forward to this special day and sometimes they will pester you to give them what they want for that day! Have you experienced trouble planning a Birthday Party? Have you ever experienced a birthday party that is so bad that you regretted engaging that particular vendor?

The Problems:

  • A vendor who overpromises you on the type of equipment you are going to use and ends up under-deliver what they promised
  • Having unprofessional personnel running your event in which they may be physically there but not mentally and emotionally present
  • Replying pretty slow whenever you have an inquiry
  • They are unable to plan the whole party and just handle just a segment of the party
  • They do not have a venue for you to host a birthday party

If you have experienced them or at least one of them, you are not alone because these are all feedback we heard from my existing clients!

Do not worry! As we can provide the solutions to the problems they faced previously!

The Solutions:

  • Our service and product are consistent as we are using the world’s top-notch laser tag equipment
  • All the facilitators went through the same training, with an experienced leading facilitator to run the whole event!
  • We have a fast response time or in fact, a Whatsapp link where you can ask questions directly!
  • We are able to plan the whole birthday party event for you, from the start to the end!

We do not fluff on our words, as the above-mentioned solutions are said by our existing clients who experienced our service!

laser tag birthday party for a group of kids birthday party

birthday party birthday party

Below are some of the testimonies we received from our past clients:

birthday party

birthday party

You may refer to our Google Review  on what others have said about us.

Rest assured that your party will be smooth running, your children and your guests will enjoy themselves and be delighted!

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Birthday Party Package 1

Birthday Party Package 2 (You may choose from option A or B)Laser tag birthday party