Ultimate Laser Tag Birthday Party

Ultimate Laser Tag Birthday Party

An ultimate laser tag birthday party at your condo function room, your house area or any venue that you are having your party at. Having a home ground advantage is good as you are familiar with your surroundings and therefore being able to find a good hiding spot where you can tag your opponent without them realizing. DUX Laser Tag Singapore is able to bring the game to you right at your doorstep! In addition, you do not need to travel too far away, easier for other parents to send their kids over. Impressed your friends and guests with an exciting game of laser tag.

A few recommendations based on 4 years of experience in choosing your venue:

#1: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor? Some parents prefer their kids to have time outside of their house or time other than cooping in their own room.

#2: Is it a sheltered location? You can still have an outdoor location just that there is a shelter over you, in the event of rain or scorching hot sun, you do not need to worry about it as you are sheltered.

#3: Do you need to book? If yes, the best is to secure the booking as soon as you confirmed the event date and time. Some venue is pretty popular and will require advance booking.

We have been to some condo with a small function room but they got big empty carpark and playground. In the event of rain, we will continue playing the game in the carpark as it is completely sheltered. In terms of safety, we will actually block out the carpark to prevent the vehicle from coming in.

There is a period of time where we will not recommend to play laser tag outdoor, which is the monsoon season from Nov to Dec and Jun. Weather in Singapore is pretty unpredictable, it can be sunny in the morning but rain in the afternoon. Therefore, in DUX Laser Tag, we will always recommend our client to have a venue space that is sheltered or any nearby places that are sheltered.

Kids nowadays are much occupied with smartphones, the game, the videos, etc. Have you experience kids throwing tantrum after you confiscate their phone? It is normal but does not be alright with this behavior. It is always good to teach kids about time management, a time to play, a time to study, a time to sleep, a time for a meal, and most importantly, a time for human-to-human connection. If your kid is spending too much time on their phone, it will be good to stop them, bring them out for a walk at a nearby park, go for BBQ or Picnic, do some exercises like swimming, cycling, etc. spend some quality time together as a family.

Some of our clients prefer to do a non-conventional way of outdoor activity like Laser Tag! Kids do go crazy when they get to run around with their friends playing Laser Tag in Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why parents prefer Laser Tag than any other activity.

Firstly, they get to have Fun. That’s an important fact, why will you do an activity that you don’t enjoy? Fun is fundamental for all activities, it is by design that people will have fun in the game.

Secondly, they get to Mingle with their friends. They get to see people’s emotions and body language. This will let them slowly learn how to manage people’s feelings.

Thirdly, they get to Engage in discussion. They start to plan and organized themselves, sparking ideas on how to win the game. You will be surprised by how kids come out with creative ideas and some out of the box ideas!

Fourthly, they get to Learn. You will be surprised how kids learn things by themselves, of course, we want the kids to learn the right things, therefore wrong things like pushing others around, physical contact or any verbal abuse will be corrected on the spot.

Lastly, they get to Collaborate. The game will force each one of them to work with one another without fail. They got no choice but to work together if a person tries to play by themselves most of the time that the team will lose. The reason is very simple, there is no assistance or support.

Check out our review given by our past clients, you will know that we put all of our clients first by providing the best service and experience to them.

Feel free to contact me at 9337 1324 or send us an email at our contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can! (:

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