Gun Modes


This table reflects the statistics of our gun modes.


At DUX Laser Tag, we have 8 different types of gun mode in our taggers (Laser Gun). This is the specification of each gun mode. Participants will be able to select the type of gun that they want to use before the start of each game.

Some leaders say the selection of gun mode should depend on the nature of the game mode selected and the team’s strategy. But ultimately, everyone has their own preferred gun mode – even the game masters!

A Breakdown of Our Main Gun Modes in Difficulty


Battle Rifle – Our standard issue default mode. It is the most adaptable gun mode, hence suitable for almost all situations. Great for beginners.

Heavy Machine Gun – A long range support role. Leaders or medics can also use this gun to continuously shoot at the enemy at long distance to make them duck for cover. With the most number of bullets per magazine among all gun modes, you can continually keep your teammates safe.  


Battle Cannon – While it has only 2 shots, they still pack a lethal punch and can still kill you easily if you are not careful. It also reloads more quickly compared to the sniper rifle with a reload time of 1 second. Good for people who can aim well in tense situations. 

Sniper – 1 Shot 1 Kill. For all the silent killers out there. Most noteworthy is that you can take out your enemies from unbelievable distances and your opponents will not even know what hit them before they realised they are dead. Furthermore, with our accurate laser taggers, you are guaranteed to take out targets at any distance. 

Burst Rifle – This rifle fires 3 shots at a time if you hold onto the trigger. This simulates several of the rifle types being used in modern warfare. NS boys, time to show off your expertise by using this rifle! 


Assasult Laser – A tricky gun to master. Mid-range and it needs one more shot to take out an opponent compared to the Battle Rifle. A gun mode for master strategists. 

Semi-Automatic Machine Gun – A gun that is able to provide cover fire well without compromising your own ability to survive. You give more close range support using this, avoiding enemy fire while covering your allies at the same time. 


Shotgun – For the Rambo of the group, the opposite of a Sniper. Desperate times require desperate measures. This gun mode takes your enemy by surprise as you risk your life at close distances to take out theirs. High risk, high rewards. Imagine a mission where EVERYONE plays shotgun! Watch the fun and hilarity ensue.