Some of our 5-star Testimonials

Below are some of our testimonials from people who enjoyed our services.

Great service and organization! Thomas and team were very prompt in replies and accommodating to our requests. Very flexible vendor, able to plan and execute for mass crowd of 300+ pax. Equipment were new and easy to use, battlefield ground was well set-up.

Thank you for helping Hope Church Singapore with our first Poly-ITE laser tag competition!

-Nicole Xie, Hope Church Singapore

Had an wonderful experience with DUX Laser Tag!! The instructors were very friendly and helpful and we started our games in just less than 10mins!! When we were having doubts during the game, they were there to help us and it just made the game so enjoyable. Despite the bad weather on the day of playing, they managed to proceed the games with Plan B smoothly. Really enjoyed myself during the games and I’ll definitely come back for more! RECOMMENDED!!!

-Syvia Yin

Fun, fun, fun! It was my first time playing laser tag and I had a blast! The many different playing modes add on to the fun we had. I would definitely return for more!

-Samantha Lai

We will be uploading our video testimonials on this page too. So do stay tuned for updates!

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