Zombie Apocalypse event in Singapore

Zombie Apocalypse event in Singapore

Have you ever watch sci-fi zombie movie or drama and thought of what will you do if you are in that situation? Inspired by US drama series The Walking Dead, Movie: Resident Evil and Train to Busan, we decided to do a zombie apocalypse in Singapore. In the year 2016, we organized the first time ever zombie laser tag to the public in Singapore titled: Survive, The Living Dead. We have activities like Zombie Maze, Laser Tag, and Archery Tag. Due to overwhelming response, we organized it the second year in the year 2017 titled: Survive, The Living Dead Season 2 with bigger space, more activities, and more roaming zombies. Both event tickets are fully sold out! The greatest satisfaction to the organizing team was that participants screamed when zombies are chasing them, the fear from them was so great that they got no choice but to run and scream. The feedback from our past participants was awesome and the most touching part was that a number of our participants came back for the second season telling us that we made great improvement from season 1. This is just one of the things to do in Singapore, perhaps soon enough, not only during the halloween period we will have a zombie event, but every few months!

Not everything is perfect when the organizing committee first planned and execute the idea, they do face challenges and they are not afraid of the challenges. The feedback collected from participants is taken into serious consideration and because of that feedback provided by past participants, Season 2 came out bigger and stronger. In season 2, the event had 10x the space compared to Season 1, an increased in the number of activities, not just players vs zombies but players vs players.

Our participants not just had fun but also souvenir to bring back. Upon completion of the event, participants will receive a survivor t-shirt! Only with constant improvement, the experience given to participants will get better and better.

Do you know that by screaming, you will actually alert more zombies?

Here are some tips you can do to increase the chances of surviving during a zombie apocalypse:

Tip 1: Do not scream or make loud noises during the zombie apocalypse as you do not want to attract any attention from the zombies

Tip 2: Find the basic needs of humans first! Which are food, water, and shelter

Tip 3: Form a group, it is easier to work together as a team than working alone

Curious about the activities we had? These are the activities we had in Season 1:

Zombie Escape Maze: where participants have to look for clues to free themselves before the zombies reach them.

Zombie Laser Tag: where participants have to fight off the zombies that are approaching them with the limited resources they had.

Zombie Archery Tag: where participants have to fight each other in order to grab the necessary food items to stay alive.

After a successful run of zombie apocalypse event in Singapore, other companies tried to copy the idea and concept. However, based on feedback collected from participants who went for different zombie apocalypse event, they still preferred our event as the experience they received was way different from other places and this makes us proud of what we did. We are also grateful that some participants helped to mention that we are the first company that did a zombie apocalypse event in Singapore, as there are companies who marketed that they were the first in Singapore.

There are many people who asked us in our Survive Facebook Page if we will do up a season 3 of Survive: The Living Dead, we are still in the midst of discussion as we are looking for sponsors and partners who share the same vision by bringing extraordinary experience to our participants and each event we do MUST be bigger than the previous event. If there is any update on Season 3, we will be updating our Facebook Page, so make sure to join the page and turn on the notification!

Also, if you have ideas that you would like to see and experience in the event, you can drop us a message on the Facebook Page as well!

You may check out our past event video.

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