Feinmetall Team building Day 2019

A day of team building and appreciation for employees!

We started off with an ice breaker game or in fact an energizer game for all the staff! Getting participants to warm up a little before going into a session of laser tag and inflatable snooker is good! Participants get a little hype up before the start of an activity can help to lift up the atmosphere of the environment. Having 2 activities running concurrently is not a difficult task when your team of facilitator knows what is happening on the ground! The participants get all excited when they start playing the inflatable snooker, some call it the pool ball game; hearing your own team and opponent team’s voice may not be easy when everyone is trying to talk to you. In a pool game, you can have better control as your cue stick is firm and fixed at a length. Translate the cue stick into your own leg is where things start to go haywire. A little bit more strength, 1-degree angle off can result in a totally different situation!

We really love games a lot, because a game can bring out the behavior of an individual – whether this person is someone who does their best or someone who gives up easily or someone who influences other people. When a company starts to grow, it will need to hire new talent for sure. Hiring a talent can be an easy task but what happened if you hired a wrong talent? Will it be easy for you to layoff an employee? Talent management is a headache to some companies in Singapore and MNCs usually have their SOP in place in this area. We have a way to select and hire the right talent, at the same time ensuring existing talent does not leave the company.


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