Team Building Activities

Full-day/Half-day Team Building Activities

Looking for a full day of team building activities and training? We are able to provide you a full day or half day team building activities! Team building is not just about having an activity to do, be happy to say goodbye and walk back home. Team building is about people coming together as a team and knows more about each other, so they can be more productive at work and in turn help the company to grow. We also give out tips on how to make your workplace more enjoyable, don’t hesitate to check out with us after the event! Pick and choose the kind of team building activities that you would like and we can sort it out for you! 

We aim to realign participants back to their company’s values through activities, allowing participants to understand themselves and each other more. 

Sg laser tag

Bubble Soccer

Challenge your friends or colleagues to a match of unique soccer match. Hide in a bubble and bound your opponent off. This is a tiring but fun game you would not want to miss. Ready for the challenge?

Price: $300/hr, 10 balls

Archery Battle

Archery Battle

How does it feel to battle in an ancient weapon of bow and arrows? Challenge your friends to a face-off with the legendary Archery Battle.

Price: $350/hr, 10-20 sets of Equipment

Inflatable pool game

Inflatable Pool Game Video here

Similar to your normal pool game, just that we upsize the game into human size.

Price: $300/hr, exclude facilitators


  1. Escape Room
  2. Hado AR game
  3. 3D printing Class
  4. Fitness Class

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