Game Modes

These are some of the games that we offer as part of your laser tag experience

Do feel free to enquire more if you are interested in any of our games.

Games mode dux

DUX Team Battle I

The objective of the game is to eliminate the entire opponent to gain victory. The challenge of the game is to battle with limited lives as such playing aggressive may not be a good thing. A good leader and teamwork hold the key to victory. In the fairness of the game, all players will be an issue with rifle setting, which consists of 30 rounds with 10 magazines.

DUX Team Battle II

Similar to DUX Team Battle I but players are issued with different weapon modes from rifle to machine gun to even sniper rifle! Different modes offer a wide range of damage count setting to enhance a more realistic scenario.

DUX Domination

The objective of the game is to minimize causality on your team. A battle cannot be considered won if your team suffers heavy causality. A good leader and a well-played game will explain the meaning of “leave no man behind”. The challenge of the game is to have the least “death” count as such playing well-strategized gameplay has the advantage.

Top Shot

Always dreaming of becoming a sniper? Dream no more! Only the elite will survive in this epic battle of an all sniper game. One-shot one kill is what you trained to be. Taking down your opponent using stealth and surprises work well with this game. A sure kill shot shall be no other than a deadly headshot, can you make that shot?

VIP Escort 

Dare to take up the challenge? Escort the VIP to the safe point, protect the VIP at all costs! This is a challenging game mode where it tests your strategic plans to find the best escape route for your VIP without being kill by the opponent team.


Similar to VIP Escort, your objective is to eliminate an opponent’s “Key” player. But who is the “Key” player? It is up to each team to decide who their “Key” player is. Prevent the “Key” player from getting shot by an opponent team, this game mode tests your teamwork and strategy.


An all-time favorite game. Medic is an important role as they have the ability to save you! But once Medic is down, the whole team will not be able to survive the battle.

Bomb Planting

Many of us have played this game CS Gold/ CS1.6. We have re-created  this game in real life! The “Terrorist” Team will have to plant the bomb at a designated site and the “Counter-Terrorist” Team will have to defuse the bomb. Who will complete their mission?

Capture The Flag

Teams will have to Capture as many flags back to base! The team with the most number of flags wins!

King Of The Hill (New*)

2 Teams will pin against each other to score the most points by shooting at the “Hill” 1 point will be rewarded to each player upon successful hit on “Hill”. Do remember to tag your opponents out in the meantime. 


Price: 36/pax (offsite – setup to your location)

Duration: 2 hours

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