Planning a cohesion for your company!

Planning a cohesion for your company!

So, like most Singaporean sons, most of our army time is spent in camp fulfilling our duties for national service. However, there will be occasional cohesion planned to foster improved relationships amongst everyone. Both NSFs and Regulars.

But if you haven’t noticed, most cohesions are usually repeated in similar contexts. This is due to the lack of choices and awareness given to the army. Movie outings, Barbeques, Discovery Centre Trips, Museum Trips, Bowling, Garden by the Bay trip and sometimes paintball.

Many a time, whenever both NSFs and Regulars are required to attend such cohesion, they feel forced and not having a sense of purpose. The thing is such events are planned under strict budgets and there isn’t much that can be done with such limited funds.

Paintball is popular as it encompasses elements of what the army teaches us. Most who play it, love it. The adrenaline, teamwork, and joy when the match is being won, give the winning party a ton of satisfaction. Sounds perfect, right?

2 problems occur. One, it is expensive. It costs about $30 for just 100 pellets. Trust me, it will all be gone within a matter of minutes. Two, it hurts. People have complained about the pain of paintball. Bruises are very common.

So wouldn’t planning a cohesion be a huge headache? Given the limited budget, lack of choices and desire to give your participants as much of learning as possible. That’s where this article comes in. Little do people know that there is a growing trend of physical activities that fosters team building, leadership, and character development.

Most have heard of Laser Tag. What about Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, or even Inflatable Snooker? Sounds unfamiliar? That’s due to the lack of exposure within Singapore itself. These activities have been gaining increasing attention all over the world due to the uniqueness, fun, physical participation and yet being very safe.

Perhaps let me talk about Laser Tag. The image that you might have now would be someone wearing a very futuristic harness that looks childish and holding a small pistol that seems cheap. What if I told you that technology is very backdated and portrays an inaccurate description of what is the truth.

The guns being used in Laser Tag now are very realistic. In terms of weight, size, and design. Also, inbuilt within are missions that participants can play depending on what strikes their fancy. Desire a deathmatch? You have it. Wish to have a hostage situation? Play away!

This new system being developed allows endless hours of fun, physical exercise and most importantly, self-learning. I believe most, if not all, want to keep growing and finding more about themselves, as well as about others.

With every mission, there are objectives that need to be met. Planning, strategizing and executing are all key components in ensuring victory for your team. This process allows individuals to notice whose skills are best suitable for the right position. It doesn’t make sense to place someone who has great foresight, to be the front man or someone who communicates very well, to be at the back.

So could you now see how such team-based activities are more than just about having fun? It gives us a better idea of what we are good at and how we can improve. If you’re someone planning a cohesion, why not consider these upcoming activities to give your participants a refreshing experience?

You will be seen as enterprising, considerate of others and what I feel is the most important factor, not wasting the government’s resources.

Hope to see you on our battlefield one day or perhaps any place you want to turn into a battlefield.

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