Team Appreciation day

Team Appreciation Day for the company! How many of you think that team building or team bonding is just about bringing people together and have a fun time? Team building does not really mean you have to play a certain activity or gather your team to have a meal, it can be as simple as sitting down and chit chat. When was the last time you appreciate your fellow colleagues? Do you even appreciate each other or just say a simple thank you for the things they did for you? Sometimes by saying a simple “Thank you” or “I appreciate your help” goes a long way. Set aside a few hours as an appreciation day helps!

Singapore recently brings back the Singapore Kindness Movement to encourage people to be kind to each other, our words can encourage or hurt someone. We are all human and humans have feelings, at times, we might be too task-orientated thus neglecting other people’s feelings.

We just did an appreciation day for a company who followed us for 2 years and a few of the colleagues actually cried as they realized the things that they did for their colleagues were actually taken notice of, just that their colleagues did not say it out. During the session, I was honestly touched by the things they went through as a person as well as a company. I am sure a stronger bond was created during the session! After the session, I see them hugging each other saying thank you to one another.

A few questions for the business owner or company leader to ponder:

#1: Does your company have a value system in place when recruiting people?

#2: Do you train and guide your staff or colleagues?

#3: Do you set aside time to appreciate each other as a company or even a department?

Suggested solution:

#1: Set a value system in your company when hiring new staff.

#2: Have a code of honor in place, rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow including the bosses. Not super lengthy rules and regulations, touch your heart and ask how many of them actually digest all of that? A simple 10 code of honor will be good enough.

#3: Train your staff so that they will not want to leave, if they choose to leave at least they will be grateful for all the things you taught them. Imagine keeping untrained staff in your company and expect your company to grow.

#4: Have a regular session for department or company to appreciate each other, it can be done at the start of the year, mid of the year or end of the year. No hard and fast rules on this, the manager or boss can find a suitable day to do it. Else, just engage us to do it for you!

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