Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore

Who doesn’t like to have fun and enjoy the different forms of entertainment available here in Singapore? As a fellow Singaporean, I too, seek out places to chill and hang out with my friends. However, I have been hearing that there isn’t much to do here in Singapore. Hence, I’m writing this article to share my knowledge of laser tag, archery tag, bubble soccer, and inflatable snooker.

Before we go into the places of entertainment, perhaps let’s define the areas of entertainment. In this case, it would be activities that are socially friendly for everyone of all ages.

In most cases, the more common ones would be going to the movies, playing bowling or pool, prawning, café hopping and of course, eating. Singapore is home to tons of cuisines from all over the world. From Chinese, such as Steamboats, to Indian ones such as Prata, all the way to Turkish ones such as kebabs.

At this point, most people would be bored and itching to try out other kinds of activities, but are there more? Surprisingly, I found them. The next few activities are all physical based and it opens a whole new perspective of socially bonding games that I didn’t expect.


Escape Room is one of the upcoming popular entertainment choices. Players are given a set amount of time to solve a series of puzzles using clues and strategize to complete their objectives. Even though it started in 2007, only recently did it grow in Singapore. Many have commented that playing Escape Room has been very fun, challenging and brain whacking.

Then we have Bubble Soccer. It is an international craze that recently hit Singapore. Like soccer, it follows their rules. However, participants are required to wear a giant air-inflated bubble suit. Sounds fun? It is! You get to see people around you falling down from knocking one another and falling over! The best part? It is pretty safe. The suits are built with robust materials and packed with a ton of air. So don’t worry and start charging!

Another type of air-filled activity will be Inflatable Snooker or Pool Ball you can take a look at the pictures here, the activity of this kind is kids and family friendly! Similarly to the table pool you play outside, the same rules apply however, there might be a small catch of — forfeit! This is an exciting game for a lot of people as almost everyone will have something to “teach” the player who is about to kick the white ball.

Next up would be Archery Tag. This user-friendly sport lets one get a feel of archery without having to deal with the complications of the mainstream Archery, whereby the bow is highly customizable and that the goal is to be hitting targets as accurately as possible. Archery Tag involves participants competing against one another by shooting arrows at the opposing team. Unlike traditional archery, the “arrows” are extremely safe and comes with a foam tip. The bows are also designed to be simple to pull. Afraid mainstream archery is too tough? Try Archery Tag!

The last but not limited to, entertainment choice will be Laser Tag! This game has been around for ages, the only issue back then was that there has been a lack of innovation and so, it didn’t cause a huge hype. However, Laser Tag has changed drastically now and things are much better. With better guns and systems in place, you can have a fun-filled time that pushes your physical limits!

Unlike the traditional view of laser tag, the guns are now much lighter, specialized and contain a ton of features. This gives a more realistic feel of how combat should be like. With added bonuses like missions, players can now have a sense of competition with objectives. From hostage rescues to deathmatches, you name it, it’s probably available. A medic game option is also available!

My goodness, just writing about all these activities, has got me itching for a go. But I would like to take a moment to point out something. These up and coming forms of physical entertainment shouldn’t just be taken for granted as ways to pass time.

If you noticed, all activities are objective based. This gives players a sense of direction and purpose. It fosters teamwork, and bonds players together. Some require more strategy, whereas some more communication. But ultimately, it is what we take away that defines our time and value for money.

I hope this article has benefitted someone and that should you, or anyone close to you decides to plan an outing, perhaps try something new, and maybe your friends will thank you for giving them a refreshing experience even though they have been in Singapore their whole life! Check out this website for the list of activities you can do as a team.

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