Visa Worldwide Team building

Thank you, Visa for trusting us in your team building laser tag activity! We are glad to serve you guys and bring fun to you! What is important in a company is the cohesiveness among teammates, a lot of time at work people tend to ignore the fact that teamwork is required. If your company is able to bring people of different backgrounds together as one and work towards a common goal, you already have most of the battle won. A second undermined factor is the environment of the company, there are 2 aspects to the environment. first, the environment in the office, for example, furniture layout, plants, sitting arrangements, etc. Second, the company culture, do your teammates enjoyed the working culture in the office or they are just going along with it just to survive?

Activities like laser tag help to break the silence among members getting them to work together as one towards a common goal (mission). It is amazing how games can bring out the character of an individual. Previously we mentioned about the mentality of “Play to win, Play not to win, Play to lose and Don’t play”, the most critical “Play” is “Play to win” because you will think of the best way to make something work and achieve the end goal. But that does not mean that you can go against your value or your company’s value! Values should be the main filter follow by the mentality of “Play to win”.

I always encourage my participants to do their best in whatever they do, because I am a strong believer of “how you do anything is how you do everything!”

I have clients asking me if the laser tag is safe? Yes, it is safe as we are using infra-red and not real “laser” unlike laser pointer, so it is absolutely safe for humans, plants and animals. The lights emitted are LED lights.

Do contact us at 9337 1324 or take a look at your photos to get your team building planned by us! We do not charge for coming out with a proposal that is suitable for you! I am here to bring out the best in your company to my best ability! 🙂

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