Corporate Team Building in Singapore – Laser Tag Game

Another corporate team building event at our client’s place! It is always very exciting for us to be at new places, setting up arena for our client and transform their usual work place into a playing field for laser tag. It is exciting to know the place well, so you know all the hiding spots and where you can sneak up to your opponent team and tackle them from behind. In all our games, I usually asked my participants to plan and strategize how they can complete the mission. Sometimes they need a longer duration to discuss among themselves but you know time is constantly not in our favor and we need to work things out no matter what happened. We love playing games as game can bring out a certain behavior of a person and can says a lot about you. We focus on the values we can provide for our clients, aiming to exceed their expectation in all team building session! Do be patience with us if we did not do as well! (:

We are blessed to have our client loving us through the reviews they gave us. We always do our best for our clients, making sure the event run smoothly and the team have a great day! Our Laser Tag are not constrain to venues but do inquire with us if the location is suitable for laser tag as we want to maximize the fun for you! A lot of you know that we do not provide fun but empower our participants to make decisions and taking the lead. Taking lead is one of the characteristic of a leader! (:

We will be dropping tips about getting your team together and strengthen the cohesiveness of your company.

Tip of the day: Do not be too quick to reject your teammate’s suggestion but write it out somewhere, as that idea can be improve and fine tune someday! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind during meeting!

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