Corporate Team building – Laser Tag

Corporate Laser Tag!

Recently we did a team building event for Reckitt Benckiser with the use of laser tag equipment. Both teams are highly engaged as they were strategizing a winning plan for their own team. Even a simple game like laser tag can involve a lot of discussions as things are constantly on the move. Whatever things you planned beforehand, it can be changed in split seconds! As a leader, you should be able to adjust and change the plan accordingly; be flexible. The world we are living in is changing constantly and if we just keep to 1 way of doing a thing, we may be phase out and in this case losing a game. Losing a laser tag game may not mean much but bringing it back to our corporate company it may mean BIG impact! How you do anything is how you do everything!

A character of a person can be shown while playing the game and you will not be able to hide. Whatever you do, show who you are as a person. Are you someone who gives up easily? Are you someone who pushes to the end and crosses the finishing line? Are you the one who pull your team together when things get tough? Are you the one who influence people positively? Being in a team doesn’t mean getting people together and that’s about it, being a team means helping each other. Gathering of strengths from each member and putting it together, if everyone can do their best it can make a very strong team. In our laser tag system, we have over 10 gun types setting where players can select and have a good mix of different equipment and you can see the link here from what I mentioned in the previous sentence.

Bring your team for a game of laser tag and discover how magic can happen. Check out our Facebook for more information.

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