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Want a fun game for everyone? Try DUX Laser Tag!

Welcome to DUX Laser Tag!

Do you have a location in mind? Tell us and we will bring the game to you! Company team bonding, Schools, Carnivals, Cohesions, Parties, we got you covered! Laser tag is suitable for people of all ages. We enforce clear rules of safety and always emphasise first on the well-being of our participants.

Be it leadership development or pure fun, DUX Laser Tag provides both indoor and outdoor Laser Tag Game services. We bring the game to the comfort of our customers’ preferred location.

Our Vision

DUX Laser Tag is more than just a laser tag game. We aims to empower leadership, communication skills and teamwork in people via experiential learning. Furthermore, it provides an interactive game-play that helps create a special bond and memories shared among the participants. In addition, our facilitators will guide each team in planning how they will execute their plan to achieve their objectives. At the end of the missions, participants would have benefited as they now share a greater camaraderie and had fun at the same time.

Picture yourself pitting against your bosses and colleagues or other departments in the office compound, or even birthday parties at chalets as we bring the game to your comfort, be it indoors or outdoors. Contact us and we would assist you in giving suggestions for suitable locations, depending on the number of people for your event.

With the adrenaline rush from all the dashing, dodging, shooting and maybe screaming, DUX Laser Tag provides a fun and exciting game play experience that caters to everyone!

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If you would like to see recent photos of our laser tag events, you can check out our Facebook page here.


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